About Us

At WorkPlayz Montessori, the child works at her own optimum level – in a COZY environment where BEAUTY and ORDERLINESS are emphasized and appreciated. A spontaneous love of "WORK" is revealed as the child is given the freedom (within boundaries) to make her own choices.

Children's activity is referred to as "work" because we believe that play is the important work of early childhood. We place value on children's activity in the classroom by describing and treating them as work. With this in effect, a child's work becomes not only an effort a child makes or a process a child follows, but also an activity the child finds enjoyable, interesting and valuable in itself for that reason.

WorkPlayz Montessori is an ideal school for parents who prefer a smaller learning group which would minimise the risks of infection due to the general weaker immunity of the younger ones.

Monday, December 3, 2012

About Us

At WorkPlayz Montessori, we firmly believe that every child should be given the opportunity to excel at his/her own pace. In the Montessori context, we term it as the sensitive periods.

A child learns best when he/she is given the freedom of choice. At WorkPlayz, we facilitate the learning of the children. We constantly create learning opportunities for our children. We engage our children in all fronts. As we wash our hands, we count the little fingers. As we play, we name the colors of the balls etc

We are dedicated in what we do. Our commitment to each and every single child is broadly visible and widely recognized by our parents!